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Educational Mobile App Development: Ultimate Guide

Think of it as services that connect the mobile app and enable data flow. For example, the inventory or real-time food delivery status or car availability status, etc. It will help you analyze the response your product will get in the market. So you can be sure whether to spend more to scale the mobile app and incorporate more features. They may feature a home screen app icon, responsive design, fast performance, and even the possibility to function unplugged.

The main point of consideration to begin with is the kind of app to be built. Be certain whether the app is primarily for the students/learners, the tutors/teachers, or corporate professionals. The user stories should be accordingly designed and the flow down the app should be able to help meet the ultimate goal of the education app development. Apps have made feasible storing endless amounts of such data or content on the cloud, and accessing it all easily at any time. It becomes tougher when done independently without much expertise. The best eLearning App development company, helps your business sail through this difficult task of app development.

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You may develop mobile solutions for corporate users and educational institutions to enable them to run check-ups more efficiently. Online tests are perfectly suitable for multiple-choice or short questions. Appropriate software architecture will allow a smooth and uninterrupted learning to happen. ELearning applications that make learning an entertaining and engaging experience for small kids changed the idea of introducing learning concepts to children.

As it turns out, possessing a brand-new app is not enough to be productive. If you want the audience to draw attention to your elaboration, you should be ready to give high-quality content. Here we gathered several tips on how to create a top-tier educational app. The more people see your company’s name, the more customers you have. The mechanism is arranged so that ads automatically pop up on the app’s screen. For the most appropriate advertising content, place ads in line with the product that might draw the attention of more visitors.

During the pandemic users, locked at home and bored, turned to… No, not gaming apps, actually. At the start of 2020, educational apps for iOS were downloaded almost 1.5 times more than the previous year. Beginning months of this year, it was the second most popular category in Google Play and the third — in the App Store. Here are a few tips from Inoxoft’s educational app developers on how to make the development process as convenient as possible. School and college students do have quite a bit of free time at their disposal. They have even helped businesses perform their operations better.

Instead, institutions can now send messages through mobile educational apps. They can even be sure that the message has been received and read by the student or parent. Unlike native apps, web applications have the same organisational structure but are accessed through a mobile device’s web browser.

What makes a good educational app?

A snappy test or easily accessible graphic materials makes a world of difference for students’ activity and motivation. For example, we at Purrweb created an onboarding educational platform for a corporate client. Users of tablets and smartphones are becoming younger and younger. For example, the Busy Shapes app helps three to seven-year-olds develop logic and reasoning.

I agree that NCS may collect, use and disclose my personal data as provided in this form for the purposes set out in the NCS Data Protection Policy. Other types of lifestyle apps are Party planning, wedding planning, style guides, self-improvement, religious lifestyles, DIY guides, and wellness trackers. Apps for shopping, fashion, virtual fitting rooms, working out, meeting new people, and dieting are all included in this broad area.

Educational mobile app development

The flow of information both ways allows a virtual classroom like environment. Learners will be motivated to cover more and will always be enthusiastic about what will come ahead, giving an edge to the eLearning apps as a medium for learning. The process in which learning proceeds with components of learning content and evaluation at regular intervals promotes a streamlined learning with better retention in the working memory.

With eLearning apps being the most downloaded with an 8.5% rate, the highest on mobile devices. If you do not have app programming skills, you can seek help from Protocloud technologies. It can always be little scary going online to hire freelancers for such a grand project, but, luckily, I got Protocloud Technologies, and rightly so! To begin with, I chose them for their professionalism and prompt replies, but they offered a lot more than that. I’d bet my fortune on the fact that Protocloud Technologies has to be in the top 3 development shops to work with on UpWork.

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For custom learning solutions, educational app development companies recommend Kotlin , Swift , Java, Node.js, React, and Blockchain . Flexibility and optimization of the learning process are why students opt for educational apps. Thus, in developing your next solution, you should favor short informative videos over long texts. Besides, splitting the program into multiple smaller lessons followed by tests is important. Such an approach is the most effective and convenient way to teach something remotely.

These applications connect teachers with students to conduct the learning process remotely. Although remote tuition apps are top-rated among native speakers and language learners who want to master their speaking skills, they can be used for any other purpose. The mobile learning solutions developed thus need to be diverse as well as specific, both at the same time to draw maximum benefits while reaching the widest user-base possible. We have tried to discuss the prominent types of learning apps being developed for students. If the target audience for your education mobile app development is children in the age group 5-10 years then it must contain more infographics with allusions to comic cartoon characters.

  • As a general rule, web applications are written in CSS, HTML5, or JavaScript and run on browsers.
  • It requires meticulous research and streamlined efforts for assured results.
  • It was quick to get the app done and to the exact expectations we asked for.
  • Thus, offering a mock test and quizzes on various topics helps students to conduct mocks and evaluate themselves.

Platforms provide exclusive assignment help to school and college students where they merely have to upload their questions and tutors across the globe will furnish them with an answer. These apps have gained widespread popularity for their ease-of-access and multi-faceted utility. We know all the nuances of the App Store and Google Play’s policies and we always see our project through release. And after your app is accepted and published, we provide the needed support.

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Get top insights and news on latest technologies and trends right to your inbox. It offers the flexibility of time, students can attend the lecture as per convenience. Students can access all the material and ebooks at any time round the clock. The possibilities are endless when it comes to UI – color scheme, aesthetics, and so on.

Educational mobile app development

Prior to beginning the development, understanding who all will use the education app is an information of primary importance for the developer. Your costs are also dependent on whether you’re taking an approach of cross-platform native app development or progressive app development. These would even have an impact on your future costs for app hosting educational mobile application development on dedicated application stores. Similarly, Mobile Development Technologies like React Native that fasten your application development add a substantial component to your costs. Help to learn a subject, master a skill, or even organize a learning process for others. They can be just mobile apps, desktop services, online platforms, and more.

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In recent years the demand for has enhanced significantly. One of the most considerable factors that affected it is the pandemic. The coronavirus made adjustments to daily life and people were forced to proceed working and studying online.

You need to add a specific space in your app for exams and practical tests to make finding them easier for students and teachers. You may also add an option for mock exams, which students can use to practice and study before getting an actual practical test or exam. Many educational organizations worldwide are now starting to transition from the traditional learning approach to the modern learning method. Encourage your students to actively participate in studying by providing interactive and competitive solutions. Weekly leaderboards, learning streaks, badges, etc. – these are just some of the great examples of how gamification helps users keep up with the schedules and improve their productivity. Mobile apps help to make the connection strong, teachers or professors can easily get connected with students anytime and anywhere.

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The survey stated that 65% of faculty support the use of open educational resources in teaching. Also, about 58% of 13 to 17-year olds in the USA own a smartphone.

Today, we have smart classes and apps that children and even adults can use free of cost. Developing an educational app is a perfect chance to generate a unique platform and oversee its results. Sponsorships and Participations may provide you with a great income flow. Generally it works like this when the user base is large enough to lure sponsors. This model is favorable for both sides (the sponsor’s one and the learner’s one).

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The market is forecasted to grow at a 20% CAGR between 2022 and 2028. Whether it’s Retail & eCommerce, On-Demand Solutions, Healthcare, Education, Finance and Banking, etc., APPWRK has extensive experience solving challenging industry-specific business problems. So before you can choose the best educational platform for you – it’d be helpful to define clear goals you are trying to achieve. In order to create a credible e-Learning solution, you need to put quality over quantity. Think Masterclass, which offers a handful of courses from the top industry leaders.

The cost of creating educational apps depends on various factors such as project complexity, features, development approach, tech stack, cooperation model, etc. However, factors affecting cost the most are development time and the hourly rate of your e-learning software development company. Technology and educational mobile app development help in building parent-teacher relations beyond the walls of the educational institution. Teachers can now respond to queries from parents about their wards.