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SWPS Scientist: Elizabeth Olsen

Public Relations of IAIN Parepare— Although relatively new, the Center for Gender and Children Studies which is one of the study centers at the Institute for Research and Community Service (LP2M) IAIN Parepare immediately runs its strategic programs.

Located on the 1st Floor of the Academic Building, Friday, 14/3/2019, the newly formed institution in February this year held a scientific study about social media literacy education (women, hoaxes and politics).

The Head of the Center for Gender and Child Studies, Hasnani explained, this study program is an activity that will be carried out regularly every month. Scientific studies are an academic tradition that must grow and develop in a campus environment. “As a study institution, we will encourage this study program as a strategic and priority activity so that it becomes a reflection in building an academic-scientific atmosphere and climate on campus,” he said when met before the study event began. Slot Online Gacor

“In the future, the Center for Gender and Children Studies will mobilize existing women’s groups and organizations as cooperation partners in holding various activities, specifically women and children empowerment activities,” he explained. Slot Online MPO

In this inaugural study, the Center for Gender and Child Studies collaborated with Dharma Wanita IAIN Parepare as a partner in holding activities. Sitti Muliyani as Chair of Dharma Wanita IAIN Parepare welcomed the implementation of this joint activity. “Dharma Wanita’s activities have only been friendly, but with the collaboration with the Center for Gender and Child Studies, there is a study activity. We express our gratitude and thanks for this collaboration,” said when giving directions.

Meanwhile, Nur Nahdiyah, who was the resource person in the study, described the development of communication technology and its influence in everyday life, especially for women or among mothers. “We are now in the modern era, everything is sophisticated, especially communication tools. Through communication tools in the form of smart phones, mothers can make calls to anyone while cooking in the kitchen or even from the bathroom. In the past, we only talked on the phone. only hear his voice, but now we can make calls by seeing directly the person we are talking to through the features available on the smart phone,” said the former chairman of the Parepare KPUD.

“But the sophistication of this smart phone is not without problems. Because apparently, through this communication technology, gossip, slander, insults, hate speech and hoaxes are increasingly rampant, especially among mothers,” Nahdiyah reminded. “Moreover, this year is a political year. Many people misuse smart phones, use them to spread slander and bring down their political opponents. Our social media today is being flooded with fake news or hoaxes and the target is women,” he added.

“Therefore, we must carefully read every news sourced from social media. Do not immediately believe it, let alone spread it. We must analyze the truth, source and impact of a news, before spreading it to others,” he explained giving tips to mothers – mother who is taking part in the study. “Don’t spread news easily. Now there is Law No. 11 of 2008 which regulates information and electronic transactions. If we spread hoaxes or lies, slander, hate speech, and so on, then we will be charged with the ITE Law, we can sentenced to imprisonment,” he said.

The study, which was attended by around 50 participants, ended at around 16.30 WITA and closed with a draw for the winners of the Dharma Wanita IAIN Parepare social gathering which was held every month.